We collect beliefs about life, relationships, ourselves, people, family, etc throughout our life but did you know that we can often have a belief but act in a contradicting way without knowing it?
It doesn’t mean the belief is wrong, we may not have acknowledged the contradiction yet. 

Here are some examples of beliefs and contradictory actions, I’d love to hear your honesty
1. I believe that my children have the right to privacy.
I post pictures of my children, their birthdays and other pics on my social media.
2. I believe that everyone has the right to say no to sex.
I have made an excuse to not have sex so as not to upset my partner
3. I believe I deserve to be safe at home and not to be broken into.
I let all me social media friends know when I am out or on holidays
4. I believe that my life is mine and don’t deserve to be judged.
I post intimate information about my life, relationships and family on social media.
5. I believe my children are my top priority.
I invest more time on my phone / on social media than quality time with my children and I look at my phone when my children talk to me.

Do you see that pattern?

We think we believe certain things but our behaviour does not say the same. These contradictions can make us unhappy and stressed even when we don’t know why.

Is it time for you to readdress and realign your beliefs and your behaviours?