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Let's transform your wellbeing; once and for all.

You’re tired of feeling anxious, stressed and depressed. You want to experience all the joy that life has to offer. You’re ready to stop masking your problems with coping techniques that don’t hit the mark. But something is holding you back.

You’re overwhelmed, struggling to cope, and never know where to turn.

Until now.



From overwhelmed, to empowered

Depression and anxiety can leave you feeling powerless and alone. The EmotionMind Dynamic Therapy Programme helps you to finally understand, process and explore the intrinsic connection between your emotions and your mind; allowing you to regain that power and repair your relationships.

Built on six key principles, EmotionMind Dynamic has achieved incredible and lasting results for adults, adolescents, children and families. It’s even making waves in the workplace!


Self Knowledge is a Super Power®


This journey is all about you. But you’ll get plenty of openness from me too. As a survivor of depression and postnatal depression – and mum of a previously anxious child – I know what it is to feel helpless; hopeless. I also know how to help you change all of that.

Together, we’ll go deeper than traditional therapy – which stops at simply managing your symptoms – to explore the root causes and achieve real change.

You’ll learn to understand yourself, develop (and maintain) healthy habits, and build wellbeing from the inside out.


Hayley T Wheeler - Emotional Empowerment Coach.

Explore what EmotionMind Dynamic is all about


In this 1:1 therapy session we’ll talk through your challenges, help you to understand why you feel the way you do, and explore what you want your future to look like. You’ll also have 7 days free access to the online EmotionMind Dynamic Therapy Programme to see if it’s right for you.




Self Knowledge is a Superpower®

The more you know about yourself, the better able you are to understand and help yourself. EmotionMind Dynamic is a six session programme designed to facilitate holistic personal development. 

Life skill development is key to the process

Self reflection, self analysis, problem solving, evaluation, future projection, goal setting, construction of old and new knowledge and taking action are a focus of the programme. 

Why is EmotionMind Dynamic different?

EmotionMind Dynamic is delivered using a mixed modality approach, combining lived experience with coaching, mentoring, teaching, counselling and mindfulness.

Previews of EmotionMind Dynamic online coaching programme


Truly inspiring person and the programme that’s offered really does work and it’s within a short time frame. Never feel rushed time is unlimited listens to you and really understands what’s happening. Would recommend anyone to give this a try before other avenues

I have a new found confidence and a drive for self improvement. I enjoyed it all, going through the program I learnt a lot about myself and how I think and feel as well as how to accept my feelings for what they are and know that I am fully in control of how those feelings affect me

EmotionMind Dynamic helped me to manage my low mood days more effectively. Gave me confidence to challenge myself in stressful situations. Helped me to speak more openly about how I'm feeling to my wife. Gave me a more optimistic outlook rather than constant pessimism. On tough days I can now speak to my wife

I found closure, peace and happiness.  I had a few setbacks after the programme and spoke with Hayley and she reminded me to use the coaching method to work through my set back.  The programme was Life changing, feeling like I was safe and able to talk through my issues and the support from Hayley was second to none. The anxiety felt prior to the meetings, but that was quickly overcome

By using the knowledge and tools I learnt from the program I can see life more clearly. I have control back on my life. Life is back, colourful. The fact that Hayley had been through her own journey I felt like she had a better understanding. The fact that it wasn’t just someone talking to you, the programme asks you questions, you write things down on paper and I feel like writing something down sometimes makes it more powerful. Also the fact that you’re given things to go back to work on by the next session, think that makes a big difference because I believe that is as individuals have to make the first step and have to maintain making them steps to overcome the situation.


Elaine Godley guest