We all have good days and bad days, so its important to remember that people experiencing depression suffer day after day after day.  Its an ongoing feeling of sadness and hopelessness that doesn’t shift easily.


I often hear people say that they are feeling depressed today.... 
But depression is more than that, its more than having a bad day.  When you are living with depression, the numbness descends like misty rain. You feel dark, heavy, lost as the loneliness of keeping your emotions locked away suffocates you, quashing your positive emotions only leaving room for negativity.

It can be difficult to describe those inner emotions, you don’t understand where they have come from or what made them grow in the way they have. Imprisoned by punishing thoughts and heightened emotions, we continue to use ways to cope that are not only unhealthy. You may be recognising the signs of depression in yourself, but feel unable to make changes to pull yourself out of that sinking feeling. Instead, you often slap on a smile.  You’re wearing a mask to cover up, and no one looks past it. Or you withdraw from social situations, making excuses not to go out or see others. 

Happiness seems like an impossible dream when you are experiencing anxiety or depression. With the right help and support, its achievable. Its not just a dream, its possible.

The EmotionMind Dynamic coaching model is founded on six principles that empower both adults and children to embrace self care, good health and integrate well being practice into their life. The coaching principles are a tool to help you adjust constantly to life’s challenges using creative and critical thinking for mindful living. The principles serve as a reminder that you are the most important person in your life and you deserve to invest time in looking after yourself.

Elements of the coaching programme is based on resources and help I received when I was in my deepest darkest depression.


 My approach is one centered on the emotional impact - of our life experiences, the baggage we may be holding onto, and the barriers we put up around us to prevent us living the life we truly want to. I created EmotionMind Dynamic coaching programme - my own coaching model which helps adults and children with their mental health struggles.  This programme is designed to develop you as a person and to offer you the opportunity to learn healthy emotional expression. EmotionMind Dynamic is a blended approach to coaching and designed to facilitate holistic personal development, based on the motto ‘Self Knowledge is a Super Power®’.

I would just like to thank you for everything you and this programme has done for me. I never knew I could have come this far since last year and I am now the happiest I have been in as long as I can remember! This programme has given me the tools to be able to overcome problems and issues I didn’t know how and made me able to view things in a different more positive perspective. My anxiety and depression has rapidly decreased since starting the programme and my self esteem has rocketed! 


Coaching can support the health and wellbeing changes you want to make in your life by:-

Supporting your journey into a new way of life

Feeling empowered to make changes in your life

Regaining a sense of control of your emotions

Choose positive behaviours and actions


Depression used to be my daily challenge. I tried many different therapies promising to help, that didn't seem to offer a long term solution. Instead I was encouraged to return for more treatments for the symptoms. Without understanding the cause, I was trapped in a cycle. 

What helped me was self development - a journey that taught me lessons about who I really am. From that experience, I created a coaching model which I use with my clients to this day - one focused on holistic self development, a tailored approach that adapts to individual needs.

Being in a place where I'm looking forward to each new day, is a feeling that is very different to that time. Life isn’t perfect, and still presents challenges. But I have learned lessons about myself, the importance of self care and self talk. I'm free of depression.

Through using my coaching model, and completing my coaching programme I want to give parents, children and adults the power to conquer their mental health.

Emotion Mind Dynamic Self-study Programme

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