Harmony from the inside out

One of the principles I use in my coaching programme, EmotionMind Dynamic is named ‘Synergy’. For me, it’s about an inside-out approach – two sides of your being working in harmony. The outside influences may be your relationships with others and how it affects your inside. It’s great having friends and supportive relationships with others. They can pick us up when we are down, offer advice in times of need. However they are influenced by the relationship you have with yourself too. The other side of Synergy comes from the inside – it’s also about having a good relationship with yourself.

Self esteem, self talk and self compassion

Self esteem, self talk and self compassion all stem from within – if these aren’t strong enough, the outside influences take over the inside. We begin to live the lives and become the person that others want from us. Choosing a different mindset leads to a different outcome – one we have designed for ourselves. With improved self esteem and healthy boundaries, all of our relationships improve too.

So starting from within offers the opportunity to look at how we view ourselves.  We address, maybe even challenge our self talk. Whilst this is a silent voice for others, this is the loudest voice we listen to. Through coaching, we explore the thoughts and feelings we have inside, and observe how they make us behave. We clearly see how actions in our lives have resulted from these inner workings, and can retrace our steps to make a different choice for next time.

Challenge your self talk – boost your self esteem

If you are suffering with low self esteem, or critical self talk – get in touch to book your first coaching session.