From my experience to yours

Hi, I’m Hayley – the founder of EmotionMind Connection Therapy, as well as accidental author and professional speaker. I’ve helped hundreds of adults, children and families to transform their wellbeing (and their lives), and I’m going to help you, too.

Understanding how your emotions impact your choices is truly empowering; after all, self-knowledge is our greatest superpower. Being self-informed allows us to make better decisions (in life, relationships, finances and business), and gives us control over our own happiness.

How do I know this? Because I’ve been where you are now.

Hayley T Wheeler - Emotional Empowerment Coach.

I battled deep depression for many years – including two bouts of post-natal depression. But it was after discovering that my 11 year-old son had been living with anxiety all his life that I became determined to find a way out. A better way to process mental health. A way to help my son verbalise the internal patterns that influenced his 8-9 daily anxiety and panic attacks. 


On 4th September 2016, my son had his last panic attack. That’s the power of EmotionMind Dynamic.


Beyond therapy

Opting out of traditional medical and clinical models in favour of self-development has allowed me to understand anxiety and depression from the inside out.

Being confined within the limitations of traditional talking therapy actually disrupts the development of better mental health. Rather than mask our emotions with superficial coping mechanisms, it’s more important to get to the root of the problem: the emotions and memories that are causing unhealthy behaviours and overwhelm in the first place.

That’s why EmotionMind Dynamic focuses on the holistic development of intrapersonal skills, emotional skills, mindset, self-esteem and confidence – all through the mutual sharing of experience.


EmotionMind Dynamic

The EmotionMind Dynamic Therapy Programme is a six step process, completed in an average of three months. Together, we’ll explore:

  1. Behavioural patterns
  2. Emotional memories
  3. Emotional impact
  4. Expressing and sharing
  5. Acceptance and release
  6. Healthy habits

Therapy that empowers

 I suffered with depression and tried various conventional routes to recovery that didn’t work. EmotionMind Dynamic helped me understand the baggage I was unconsciously carrying around day to day. Once lifted, I was able to decide how I wanted to live my life, what I wanted to achieve and take those steps towards a new me.

EmotionMind Dynamic helps you develop skills, tools and knowledge that will support you in finding an emotional balance reducing the symptoms of anxiety, depression or stress. Instead of repeating the same patterns, you are empowered to create new ways of living which support your health and wellbeing.


Managing health and wellbeing is a short term solution for a long term problem. Being able to conquer it, you can understand where the feelings, experiences and behaviours originate from. Like any creation, we have to understand how the parts connect to eradicate the problems and make them work together. You'll be better equipped for the next time, and be able to get rid of the problem.

Helping people understand the cause of their struggles enourages healthier coping strategies that benefits them individually. My online coaching programme is an alternative for those who wish to self develop and understand more about their inner response patterns, to gain knowledge which can help them in the future. This programme provides tools and knowledge that create long lasting changes. 


Coaching can support the health and wellbeing changes you want to make in your life by:-

Supporting your journey into a new way of living

Feeling empowered to make changes in your life

Gaining more control over your emotions

Choosing healthier behaviours and actions

Self knowledge is our super power

Understanding more about yourself gives you back power. It gives us the ability to conquer anything in life. Self development is a journey where you can understand who you truly are, behind all the coping strategies holding you back from achieving your potential.  My coaching supports those who are ready to challenge and conquer anxiety, depression or stress, to accept their superpower and take back control.


  • Trauma and brain recovery
  • Mindfulness
  • Sports nutrition
  • Train the Trainer
  • Anger rage and relationships
  • Conflict resolution coaching
  • Managing equality and diversity
  • Solutions to assertiveness
  • Level 1 substance misuse
  • Response to physical contact
  • Response to physical conflict
  • Conflict management
  • Fostering diversity and inclusion
  • Counselling children and young people: A client study
  • Key differences between counselling adults and children/young people
  • Counselling in schools
  • Counselling in Primary schools
  • Child Mental health
  • Trauma and the child
  • Inner child healing diploma
  • Safeguarding level 2 2018
  • Diploma in managing children’s behaviour
  • Diploma in leadership for children’s care, learning and development
  • Coaching and mentoring level 7
  • S.A.C. Dip (life skills coaching advanced)
  • S.A.C. Dip (Drug, solvent & alcohol abuse counselling)
  • S.A.C. Dip (Counselling Children and adolescents)
  • E.C. Dip (sports Psychology diploma)
  • S.C.C Cert understanding body language
  • S.A.C. Dip Child psychology (level 4) Theory 
  • Mental health first aid
  • ILM Level 2 Team Leading
  • Professional Certificate in Education and Training (PCET)