I have lots of plans and opportunities this year to be able to offer my services to more people.

Its hard it is for small business owners to do all they need to do and grow and develop. It was never more apparent than having a conversation today about growing my business. You are often doing the work of 10 people. If you consider how many people do all the jobs it takes for the organisation to run, us small business owners do it all.

You’ll often find us small business owners self doubting. We’re worrying we’re not good enough. Sometimes we’re struggling to survive financially, keeping supporting others even when we are drowning. We may be wondering if we should give up and ‘get a proper’ job. People tell us our businesses are not ‘proper’ jobs. Then there’s the crying, laughing, failing, succeeding and feeling a whole range of emotions.

If you know a small business, you can help by sharing posts, telling friends about the posts you see, referring people to their social media / websites, etc. You really never know who on your friends list is looking for their services.