Would you like to share your experiences, advice or expertise on the subject of mental ill health?

One of my passions is spreading the word about alternative methods of treating mental health – in particular anxiety, depression, and bullying. In our communities, and on a wider scale, we need to do more to make this a topic we are all educated enough to identify the vulnerable, and develop resiliency to minimise the damage this conditions can cause. 

I’m setting myself the goal of doing more video work for the rest of the year, and would love to set up interviews and discussions around the subject of mental ill health. Stress, depression, anxiety – how it affects daily life, and what we can do to help. By going online to do this, and joining forces with others, we can spread the message far and wide – helping more people.

If your line of work covers some or all of the above, or if you want to share advice or experiences with my viewers, please get in touch so we can discuss in more detail.

Wherever you are in the world, I am sure we can do something together. You can get in touch via my social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – all under the name Hayley T. Wheeler. Or send me an email via my website.