You went to school to learn maths, english, welsh, science, etc.
At college, you specialised in your chosen topic. University gave you a better understanding of that topic and then your job trained you for doing the work.

Sir Frances Bacon said “knowledge is power”. I can’t disagree, knowledge is power but let me, Hayley T Wheeler, go a little bit further – “self knowledge is a super power”.

Think about it. If someone had taught you to understand yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, to accept your personality, to define and be happy and to self respect – how different could life have been?

I know that mistakes and failures are character building but so are skills and self knowledge. I work with clients who carry guilt, shame and disappointment for things they didn’t understand but carried the blame anyway.

When they learn about self esteem, self respect, who they are it’s like a light switched on. Imperfection is perfection, and self knowledge is a super power