I asked clients who have been through the face to face programme with me to give me comparison feedback and this is what they said:

“Morning Hayley. I’ve gone through the programme and it’s wonderful. Refreshed me lots. It’s very honest and from the heart. This will be so good for people that feel they can’t do one to one. For me one to one was best but everyone is different. It would be amazing as an aftercare package for past clients. But then again we would have all our work in a folder. I can see you’ve worked amazingly hard on this and the content is full and thorough. This would be amazing as a GP referral programme. What I like is that you don’t claim to wave a magic wand or suggest a magic pill. It’s all self discovery and hard work. Well done another piece of amazing work you’ve produced. ?”

“Hi Hayley, I’m on section 4, to be honest I didn’t think it would be as good online as the way I did it with you but I was wrong. It’s really good, very easy to understand the videos are good touch, definitely worth the price too.”

“Hi Hayley. Good, I’ve been through the programme over the last week. It’s amazing!! I love it. Perfect revision for me this week!! Wanted to have another look over it but it’s was on my list this week to get back to you.”

I’m so pleased as I have tried to get everything from the face to face programme into the online programme – sometimes that means adding to the programme, just as we’ve been at launch stage.