For every child facing tests this summer… Do your best for you.
Be happy with your effort and don’t worry about the results.

Life is about learning from mistakes and failures on route to success. Life is full of mistakes, and lessons to be learned. Every experience is an opportunity to learn. Every mistake, every success, every failure and every encounter. Learning is integral to your personal and professional development.

Our obsession with achieving perfection is creating a culture of failure, shame, guilt and exclusion. When it fact we are succeeding every day – we just don’t recognise these victories as successes. The definition of success is achieving your desired goals, outcomes or results, making success or the perception of success subjective. For example, someone battling depression may feel that getting out of bed is success, for the business person achieving the next contract is a success, for the stay at home mum, seeing her children happy is success.

Perseverance is key, so take the rough with the smooth. Develop the resiliency to bounce back from the bad days and roll with the good. Acknowledge that real life brings adversity, meet it with a positive attitude, much the same as the good days.

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