Can I share with you why I do what I do?

Today I’ve had several conversations about not being able to talk to someone living with an emotional and mental illness. The stigma of friends, colleagues, peers, fellow athletes, fellow coaches, etc not wanting to attend or not valuing mental health training and professionals. Not fully understanding and supporting people living with mental illness. It breaks my heart. Imagine struggling with your mental health challenges. Not knowing who to ask for help, not knowing who will judge, reject or accept your mental state. Always hiding how your feeling and what is going on in your head.

A friend, colleague, manager sends out a training request for mental health workshop a week later a reminder email comes around stating only one place has been booked. You overhear people dismissing the training as ‘not worth attending’, ‘a waste of time’, etc. You soon figure out where you stand and you continue to struggle in silence surrounded by the stigma and fear of anyone finding out.

I met some very impressive young ladies today. These ladies are fighting stigma from many people for multiple things, they have my respect.

You may think ‘here she goes again?’ when you see my posts but I won’t stop. For every person facing stigma, for every person living with mental illness who feels alone and for every child, adolescent, teacher, doctor, athlete, customer service person, manager, leader, unemployed person, young mum, young dad, parent, grandparent and for everyone who doesn’t understand.

This is not an individual problem. This is community, society, national, international and global problem. It’s everyone’s problem.

Lets fight it together. Lets support those who know what it’s like to live with mental illness.