The more you learn about yourself, the more able you are to decide what you want out of life.

A huge portion of our daily activities rely on routines, patterns and automatic responses. Our brains work the same way – they have learned what to think and do based on previous patterns of behaviour. It’s a shortcut which allows our brains to function, our brains are very busy and look for ways to be more efficient. Whilst using these automatic patterns, we are unable to see if they still apply. Reflection helps us to evaluate these behavioural patterns – is that what I really want to feel or respond? We view ourselves from a distance, and this perspective allows us to make different decisions.

Self knowledge allows us space to slow down and look closer.

We can see if these patterns help or hinder our life goals. These patterns make up our life. So if we are living in automatic patterns that hold us back or make us feel worthless, we can see the need for change. Change only comes with action – the final step to this journey is doing things differently. The next time that pattern begins, we remember how we challenged ourselves and our action is to take another route. With practice, this too becomes a pattern. Our brain has learned a new habit, resulting in a new action, and it’s one that aligns with our goals.

We’re squeezing more out of life.

Beginning a self discovery journey initially can feel selfish or time wasting. The pause needed to look at your life seems to counteract our productive nature. Yet when we realise the importance of deeper self knowledge, we see how the power shapes our lives. It’s one of the reasons I have a motto in my coaching; Self Knowledge is a superpower. It doesn’t come with a cape, but this knowledge has a lasting impact on our daily lives.

In your life, the only constant influence is you.

You have been there throughout all of your life, at every event, all through your timeline. You are very important. Isn’t it obvious that you need to look after you, too? Self knowledge is key to getting the most out of you, and your life. You deserve the time and effort – a break from patterns – to get to know you.

I support this journey through coaching. I love working with others, helping them to see for themselves the wonderful things they can accomplish. Coaching can benefit everyone in this way, whatever their life goals are. My coaching sessions allow the time and space, the pause, to look from the outside in. It’s a regular appointment with yourself, in a way. I’d love to tell you about my approach – please get in touch if you would like to know more.