Self Knowledge is a Superpower

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EmotionMind Dynamic is delivered using a mixed modality approach, combining lived experience with coaching, mentoring, teaching, counselling and mindfulness.

  • Life experience – using personal experience of battling mental illness.
  • Teaching – giving information & developing skills,
  • Coaching – asking questions & challenging your perception and self perception.
  • Mentoring – sharing experience & life lessons
  • Counselling – giving you space to talk, process and understand your emotions and yourself.
  • Mindfulness – bring you into the moment, the here and now to focus you.


Applying all these allows for holistic development and long term life changes. Each method adds another dimension to the journey.

“I didn’t think this was going to f**cking work but it did, I am like a different person, in control of my mind and behaviour now”

I often get told that people don’t think this will work and they are often surprised when it does and even more grateful when they are still benefiting months and years later.

Case study 2018
As a twenty something I should have had life and the world in the palm of my hands but there was always something stopping me, I never really felt happiness, I was just bobbing my way through life. I had a job, friends, family but never felt satisfied. I came to Hayley to see if she thought she could help me and from the first session I knew she could. I invested in her programme and with her support I engaged in the homework and she gave me her time, her experience, her knowledge and support. The steps of the programme weren’t always easy, there were tears, challenges and support. I never felt alone as I worked through each step. I had a chance to look at myself from the inside out and learn how to do it whenever I needed it. Hayley encouraged me to see opportunities and take them, she made me look at my life in a very different way. Since working with Hayley nearly two years ago, I have travelled with my job, made the most of opportunities that present themselves and I have not forgotten the lessons she taught me, I have the freedom I thought was not possible. I meet with her occasionally to say thanks and to update her on what’s been happening in my life.


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