I feel the need to revisit this topic, as it’s quite clear that the phrase ‘be kind’ is misunderstood by some people.

The one thing I really want to know – is it only being unkind if the person takes their own life?

Criticism in any format for any other person does not strike me as an expression of ‘be kind’. Whether you witness the consequences of your words or the person is unlikely to see them, it does not make those critical words less unkind.

If you don’t have a personal, mutually respectful and understanding relationship with someone, it’s highly unlikely to be banter. Its unkind.

Go back over your last weeks posts and comments. Are there any that would sting you if you were told them face to face? Would you be unhappy if they were said about or to your child or family member?

How can we be kind? A discussion today brought up the old fashioned rituals of opening and holding doors open, saying please and thank you, offering to help, asking others what floor they want in a lift, giving way, smiling, chatting to the shop assistants. These are all little gestures but go a long way to kindness and connection with others.