I hear people saying “I will do anything to feel better” in reference to their mental health challenges. Yes, I truly believe that they think this is the case. However there are often self imposed limitations and restrictions. Some are obvious, however some are not. It is these invisible restrictions that stop people from actually taking the action they want to take. There are a number of reasons behind why the desire does not transfer into action, finances, beliefs, comfort zone, fear and many other reasons.

For example:
Finances may be an obvious limitation. “I don’t have enough money”. However, is it the reality? How quick do people sign up to phone contracts, buy iPads / tablets etc worth thousands for the new technology? When they buy stuff that make them feel better in the short term, and spend money on things they do not need. Over time, this could add up to thousands of pounds. The choice being made is one for a quick fix, a short term lift.

The reality is different to your truth. The above scenario is your truth. The reality is more likely to be mindset that is the issue, not the finances.

Self development is often seen as less of a priority than having the new mobile phone or car or new clothes. We don’t see ourselves as an investment opportunity. Yet we are the most important asset in our life.

Fear is also a huge limitation. Fear of being pushed out of a comfort zone that is predictable and familiar. It’s the predictable and familiar that makes us feel ‘safe’. While we know that it is a horrible place to be, we opt not to make any changes because of the fear of “what if …”. The question ‘who will I be without anxiety or depression’ poses some intimidating answers. We have the safety net of knowing what will happen here, but what will happen out there? The reality is we don’t know. But when you get the right help, it is likely to be better, happier. Freedom and living life, rather than existing.

That said, are you living your truth or reality?