EmotionMind Dynamic – Online Coaching Programme

Last month I held an online preview of my coaching programme, EmotionMind Dynamic. As well as showing some behind the scenes footage of the online course, I was able to answer questions submitted from those who wanted to know more about the programme. The following questions and answers are from the Facebook live held on Friday 17th July 2020. Please have a read to find out more about what coaching can do for you. You can also read more about EmotionMind Dynamic and decide which model is right for you on my web page or please get in touch with any other queries.

How does EmotionMind Dynamic Programme online work?

The online programme is the complete version of the face to face programme. It has 31 units, it is self directed so you sign up and you complete the programme at your pace. The units are easy to read, and you can do two or three units in a night, or one every night – you can work through as many as you’d like until you complete the whole programme. There is an option for some additional support, but ultimately it is up to you to complete. If you would like to know more, pop onto the website at https://www.emotionminddynamic.co.uk/emotionmind-dynamic-programme/

What are the challenges of doing the programme online?

One of the main concerns with the people I have spoken to about the programme, is whether they would be motivated enough to complete the programme. It is going to take some dedication, its going to take commitment from you to complete. Whether it’s a plan you put in place to complete a unit every night, that is up to you. Other challenges are that it’s self directed – its your pace, it needs you to do it. But if you have the motivation to change your life, this is the opportunity to do so. Some of the units are emotionally tough – not impossible to do. These are the units that maybe you want to have a little more support with. When it’s at your pace, you can take time out and think about the next assignment, and there are resources to back up the units and assignments. Its a comprehensive programme and package of support to keep you going, and facilitate your journey, step by step.

Who does EmotionMind Dynamic Programme online help?

The online programme is currently only the adult programme, so anyone who is over 18 who is struggling with emotional overwhelm, stress, anxiety, bullying or if you have been through some tough time and want to work on that specifically. It can help any adult to work on those issues.
I don’t suffer from depression or anxiety, but I can’t find happiness. There are times when I think I am feeling ok, but it doesn’t last for long.

Can the coaching programme help me?

The short answer is, yes it can. We do cover depression and anxiety, but the programme is about finding you and finding your happiness. The programme facilitates a self development journey, not just about anxiety and depression. We talk about relationships, boundaries, your own values. Its a very comprehensive self development tool that can help if you are struggling to find happiness, or find yourself even. This is a tool that can help you to facilitate your self development. My motto is self knowledge is a superpower – the main theme throughout the programme. EmotionMind Dynamic is purely about helping you understand what is going on in your life and what you can do about it. Ultimately, what actions you can take – that’s really important, because it’s all about your actions. Purchasing the programme is one step, but if you don’t take the actions to use the resources and complete the units of the programme, and really commit to the programme then it’s not for you. But if you are ready to support your self development, this is the tool for you.

What is expected of me to complete the coaching programme?

There is no time limit, the pace of your learning is yours. Once you have enrolled in the programme, you have lifelong access. It will take some hard work. There are some tough emotional journeys throughout this. But there are some lovely self development activities that maybe you have or haven’t tried before. Self development is all about you understanding yourself. So your commitment and dedication is really important for you to get the most out of the EmotionMind dynamic programme.

What are the benefits of completing the coaching programme online?

It fits in with your lifestyle. You have access to the programme 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For me, I didn’t sleep very much when I was unwell so having access in the early hours of the morning would have been beneficial. If you choose to complete the programme in just two weeks, you can do that. If you choose a couple of months, then that’s up to you. Everything you need to learn about who you are, what life and living means to you, it’s in the programme. One of the outcomes that I see from those who have completed the programme is a change in the way they live their lives – they go from existing to living, finding a life that suits them. There is no one way that fits all. It’s about your own happiness, your uniqueness and individuality.

Can I get support from you, as I work through the online programme?

Yes, you can contact me throughout using messenger or whats app, email etc. if you want to specifically ask a question. There is a version of the programme which is a blended approach using the online programme combined with 121 coaching sessions. Or you can book individual sessions as you need them throughout the online programme.

How can the coaching programme be used to support businesses with their employees?

This programme is about self knowledge, self development and self understanding. If you have a business where employees are stressed, who aren’t productive, maybe they are on sick leave with physical symptoms – headaches, stress related conditions. This programme is beneficial and quick to help staff return to work. Not in the same state they were when they left work, but with a new mindset, new view on life and work. We can get their motivation back and build them back up to a place where they are feeling happier. It can transform someone from being stressed and unproductive at work, then get a good grasp on workload and throw themselves into a job that they enjoy again.

I’m feeling stressed at work – will EmotionMind Dynamic help me professionally?

Yes, it can help you professionally and personally. There are no limits to self development, It has a ripple effect which affects all areas of your life. Whether that’s work, relationships, parenting, quality of life, decision making, problem solving. It has the ability to help with all these areas, it’s a comprehensive package and doesn’t use only one element. We’re looking at you as a whole person and getting you back to being happy, and finding a lifestyle that suits you.

What are the options of the EmotionMind Dynamic coaching programme?

The programme is available in three models. The first is the online-only programme which is self directed study and you can move at your own pace. The second uses the online programme coupled with a package of 121 coaching sessions with me during your progress of the online programme. The third option is the face to face version of the EmotionMind Dynamic programme, where I can work with you directly throughout all units of the programme.