EmotionMind Dynamic - Enrolment Options

Start your journey on the EmotionMind Dynamic Coaching Programme

EmotionMind Dynamic Coaching Programme

The online coaching programme aims to facilitate change at your pace. Choose from four options:

Be Inspired

Intro session + 7-day trial of EmotionMind Dynamic online programme

Online Programme

Lifetime access to EmotionMind Dynamic online programme for self-guided study

Blended Programme

Limited 1:1 coaching sessions + online access to EmotionMind Dynamic online programme

1:1 Programme

1:1 sessions + additional support +online access to EmotionMind Dynamic programme

Be Inspired

Introductory session plus 7-day access of online programme

'Be Inspired' is an opportunity to have an exclusive 1:1 coaching session to explore your mental health challenges and to develop coping strategies you can implement immediately. 

Includes 7 days access to the first two sections of EmotionMind Dynamic online programme. Start your journey of self development and improve your wellbeing.


EmotionMind Dynamic Coaching Programme - Online Only

EmotionMind Dynamic online supports you to transform your mental health, a self directed programme offering the flexibility to complete the units at your own pace and lifestyle.  Each unit a step to support your self development to make better choices to improve your life and your wellbeing.

Lifetime access to the online platform allows ongoing self development and long term maintenance of the changes you implement.  Email support is available for any questions or queries through your journey, with support to keep you accountable for completing EmotionMind Dynamic.


EmotionMind Dynamic Coaching Programme - Blended

The blended approach combines the access to EmotionMind Dynamic online with access to limited exclusive 1:1 sessions with Hayley to support your development, be accountable and be the best version of yourself.

EmotionMind Dynamic online supports you to transform your emotional and mental health. It offers self directed study, with flexibility to complete the units at your own pace.

EmotionMind Dynamic Coaching Programme - 1:1

EmotionMind Dynamic 1:1 offers exclusive direct specialist knowledge and support. EmotionMind Dynamic 1:1 provides a safe space for you to transform your mental health, develop self knowledge and invest in self development. Each coaching session within EmotionMind Dynamic 1:1 are structured to facilitate and support your unique journey through the programme.

Hayley facilitates accountability for your actions and encourages motivation so you don’t lose resolve.  Communication between 1:1 sessions via text or email support often allows exploration of any questions that might arise from the session.