Last night I had three hours disturbed sleep, I woke every hour until I got up at 3am. The problem is I often feel better on no sleep and I feel energised. But I did have a 20 minute ‘nana nap’ this afternoon because I was sitting down and the laptop battery died.

All sounds good so far but tonight, I am still feeling good and am tempted to stay awake again and do some work. However, I risk getting into the old habit of sleeping 2-3 hours a night every night and I’m not sure how that will affect my emotional and mental health longer term.

Do I opt to do more work and stay awake or do I opt to go to bed at a reasonable time and get a few more hours?

The stubborn side of me says just stay up and get everything you need doing done. The sensible self care side of me is going to do what is right for my emotional and mental health and go to bed at a reasonable time.

For me, now – Self preservation wins.

Choose your behaviours wisely – some will cause you emotional pain, others will support your wellbeing.