The true impact of feeling emotionally and mentally unsafe isn’t always what you think. When you’re life revolved around emotional and mental battles it affects your mind, body, relationships, family, self esteem, confidence, ability to live instead of existing. You’re constantly fighting to keep your head above the emotional and mental tides.

My hair stopped growing and it fell out during my first bout of post natal depression in 2004 and remained like that until I was fighting my way out of depression in 2015. Who I look back, I was feeling emotionally and mentally unsafe for a long time – the depression was the epitome of the unresolved issues for so many years. I put weight on as I held in all the problems I was struggling with alone – I was lonely no matter how many people I was surrounded by.

I was exhausted beyond explanation. My head was filled with negative thoughts – self judgement, self punishment, self blame. My smile, my laughter and my automatic response of ” I’m good ” fooled the people around me. I watched the world getting on with life as I felt trapped in my own head, trapped in an emotional and mental cycle of self abuse. I felt so powerless, helpless and worthless but somehow I always maintained my desire to empower others.

Society tells us we are bad for having mental ill health and that we do not fit in society. It reinforces the already strong message in our own heads that we are weak, bad, worthless for not being able to hold our minds together.

Things are not what they seem from the outside for anyone. If you are struggling with your emotional and mental health there is something you can do, get in touch, we can understand it together and help you feel better.