Going out with anxiety, is so difficult. When you first agree to going out with friends or confirm your attendance at an event, you are excited and look forward to it. But then as the days get closer, the dread sets in, the fear.

The internal debate then the battle in your head sounds a bit like this –
I want to go, I can go, why would you go, people will judge you, look at you and you will hate it, I want to go, I want time out, you look awful in everything you wear, I can go, do I really want to go? I feel uncomfortable, I’ve got nothing to say. I want to see my friends, they haven’t been around for you, why should I go. I think I might stay in, what shall I say, shall I just go, no I can’t, I’m not feeling too good…

By the end, you’ve convinced yourself that no one will miss you and they will have a better night without your presence. You then worry about their judgement or what people will think. It’s a no win situation. Then the avoidance tactics kick in so your shame is not on display, you hide away.

Every thought seems so real, so true.

When I work with clients, we soon find out this is not the case. We make room for positive thinking, feeling in control and doing things that make you happy. Anxiety is a liar.