I like social media but have an awareness of how impactful it is on mental health. We have been provided with an easy way to communicate, to enjoy watching people’s lives develop, what they do. There are far too many opportunities to compare to the perfection portrayed on social media and it has it’s good points as well as it’s bad points.

Communication, connection and socialising is great for us all – but the lack of awareness around personal safety, boundaries, behaviour and the type of communication is staggering.

Unfortunately life skills, relationship skills and the like are not being learned prior to social media interaction. We feel so removed from a situation we think we can do, say and act in any kind of derogatory way we want. We don’t see its impact, we don’t see or feel the changes in body language, we are not there to assess the consequence – therefore we don’t have to be accountable.

We are led to believe that social media is one of the most important way to communicate but lets teach everyone how to use it to improve their life, mental health and relationships too.