Some people want a quick fix for their poor mental health.

But there is no quick fix, unfortunately. It takes hard work. A commitment to yourself and your wellbeing and a long term maintenance strategy.

Becoming well is the second step after seeking the right help. Staying well is the next step. Staying well means utilising the self knowledge you have to inform your insight and be self aware of how you are doing. Its a guide for checking if you are on track to create the life you want and deserve.

Being Self aware helps you remain in control of planning, actions and goals. It helps you to know what you want, motivates you to go for it and keeps you on track. Even when things go wrong, you make mistakes and you fail, learn and take that info forward to improve your life. Self awareness is a skill that you can practice, today and tomorrow – all of your tomorrows.

You are the most important person in your world. Only you have the power to live it your way and achieve your potential. You cannot rely on anyone to do it your way and I believe in you totally.

Timing is everything. When you are ready to do the hard work and invest in yourself the right help will come your way, don’t settle for a quick fix. It very quickly ‘unfixes’ itself. Instead, choose to invest, commit and be happy.