I’ve been wanting to write about this for some time but haven’t known how to word it but it is becoming more and more prevalent so here it is.

I get a lot of clients questioning why or how they can feel better in work and do their job when they feel so rubbish in their personal life. They feel in control in work, some even report feeling happier at work than at home. This doesn’t negate the love they have for their family but it is confusing for them. They make confident decisions, they communicate with their team, who they stop they the thoughts do come back but not at such an intensity, it’s confusing.

They sometimes look forward to going to work and dread going home. They feel capable and confident in work, at home. On the other hand they feel insufficient, incapable and lack the self confidence to make decisions. They lack the energy and drive to want to make decisions, they want to sleep and the exhaustion, the emotions and the thoughts overwhelm them.

My thoughts on the matter are that you have been trained for work, you have the knowledge, maybe a mentor, someone you can check in with. You have procedures, you know where you are and how to do things. At home, there is no one telling you how to do it, no procedures, no mentor, just you making decisions.

It’s tough to make decisions when you’re struggling with your mental health. It’s ok to be enjoying work, it’s ok to feel how you feel.

Time to practice acceptance; it is what it is for now, but when you learn new ways of doing it, things will change.