I have been captivated by the series ‘The affair’ from start to finish. I became hooked on the parallel stories of the characters. The portrayal of their so very different perception of how they experienced the situations.
Sometimes they have completely opposite memories of what happened on a given day. The thoughts, feeling and behaviours in that situation, it really did capture just how we all see thing so very so differently. We all experience the same situation through our own lens. No lies, its just that we saw, felt, wondered, interpreted it differently to the others. Even those people in the room, because we have different life experiences.

We may have lived in the same house, had the same parents. Been in the same accident, the same marriage, the same classes at school. Yet when we share our experiences, it can sound like we were in a different situation altogether. Still no one is lying.

Our life experiences, beliefs, self perception, values, morals, relationships, self esteem, awareness, self knowledge, relativity, personality, character support your perception of the world. Negative or positive filters would have opposing views of the same experience. Emotions, thoughts, behaviours, desires, aspirations affect your perception of situations of your own life.

The affair just managed to capture it so, so well. The next time someone challenges your perception of a situation, remind yourself it’s OK that you took something different away. Neither of you are right or wrong.