I’ve had little time to sit, reflect and appreciate this last few weeks. The lead up to the last few weeks was professionally emotionally exhausting but the last few weeks have changed so much. I’ve had quite a few times when i have thought of a person and they get in touch, or I bump into them to be told some fantastic news about their ongoing progress.

One young lady in particular (9yrs) has now got her highest attendance, she has reduced her bad days (anger, frustration and stress from 7 days a week to 2 days, she has moved friendship groups and school refusals are very low. An awesome achievement for her hard work.

Two clients finished my programme and are seeing so many changes. Both have improved how they treat themselves and how they think about themselves. Their overall wellbeing has improved and they are working on their family relationships with the new self knowledge they have gained.

It just makes my heart soar to see these beautiful people go from existing and believing they shouldn’t be here to living a fulfilled life with lots more learning to do.

They are not afraid to learn about themselves. They are choosing to set new patterns. They love their life.