Imagine you are facing your biggest fear, your body and mind respond on their own, there’s irrational thinking, your body freezes and you no longer feel in any way able to control how you react, like there’s an invisible force controlling you.

How does it feel?

Now imagine you are doing the thing that makes you the happiest person on the planet, you’re smiling, you’re laughing, joking, playing around, enjoying the whole situation, immersed in the happiness, the joy and the great hormones racing through your body.

How does it feel?

In both situations you are at the mercy of your emotional state, from your thoughts, to your actions, your words , how you interact, how you react, how you behave and the decisions you make.

Every day we encounter situations that influence our emotional state both positively and negatively.  The positive emotions make us feel good, we enjoy them, process them and look forward to feeling them again.  With positive emotions we make better decisions; self motivation is easy, supporting others is effortless and productivity increases.

The negative ones are the ones that make even the simplest of tasks seem harder.  Throughout the day and often our lives  we collect negative emotions, like a magnet, some we can brush off easily, others become unresolved and held within, gathering and growing until they threaten to overwhelm us, resulting in stress, anxiety, depression or even physical ailments. People feeling overwhelmed become low functioning and decreased productivity, can create conflict, are disconnected and often lack motivation.

How soft do emotions seem now?

When you consider that motivation is founded in emotions, they have a powerful impact on the success of your company, they do not seem so soft. Emotions can make or break an individual, a team or a business, emotional empowered people are able to manage their wellbeing and be accountable for their actions.

Developing emotionally empowered people in your business gets the best out of them, the best for your business, your clients and your stakeholders

Hayley and her Dynamind coaching model will help you focus on creating the life you want and deserve, by helping you commit to discovering your goals and the best ways for you to achieve them. Hayley’s coaching is client led, intuitive and challenging to ensure the desired changes take place.

Hayley Wheeler is an emotional empowerment coach, author, motivational speaker and the creator of the Dynamind coaching model for emotionally-empowered business, life and leadership.

Hayley works with a diverse client base of business leaders, managers, and professionals, as well as children, parents and victims of domestic abuse. Her work helps to improve quality of life through increased emotional awareness and personal growth. The Dynamind principles are the result of over twenty-three years of empowering children and adults, where Hayley has had the pleasure of facilitating transformational results.

If you’d like to know more about how Dynamind coaching can help your staff, leaders enhance personal effectiveness please get in touch with Hayley