By working with me you will learn to better understand yourself and others, and develop strategies to move forward.


Without an understanding of the cause of your negative emotions and thoughts, you can’t make the changes you need to positively improve your lifestyle. Self development is a journey where you can understand who you truly are, behind all the coping strategies holding you back from achieving your potential.

You get to define who you are - and no one ever tells you this! You can choose the life that you want, and that moment of realisation is empowering.  Coaching can help you by:

  • Supporting your journey into a new way of living
  • Feeling empowered to make positive changes in your life
  • Regaining a sense of control over your emotions, behaviours and actions. 


really does work

"Truly inspiring person and the programme that’s offered really does work and it’s within a short time frame. Never feel rushed time is unlimited listens to you and really understands what’s happening. Would recommend anyone to give this a try before other avenues"

I’m allowed to be me!

I had no previous understanding that these were holding me back and shaping how I lived... The course has armed me with strategies to future-proof my life and design it the way I want.

Hayley has unlocked something

I’ve struggled with myself with motivation and direction... I understand more about why I’m getting these negative feelings and what I can do to turn around.

the final piece of the puzzle

I’ve learnt I’m allowed to be me and embrace that. So thank you Hayley for truly releasing me from a prison I didn’t even know was there!

closure, peace and happiness

I found closure, peace and happiness.  I had a few setbacks after the programme and spoke with Hayley and she reminded me to use the coaching method to work through my set back.  The programme was Life changing, feeling like I was safe and able to talk through my issues and the support from Hayley was second to none. The anxiety felt prior to the meetings, but that was quickly overcome


A common misunderstanding about coaching is that it provides answers in the form of orders or instructions - that a coach will say do this and then that will happen. But what I do instead is help you understand what it is you want to work on, and offer support to get you to you goals. So the choice is yours. I won’t tell you what to do, you still get to choose what will work for you. I will help you discover what you want, and find the right way for you to get it. 

One of the differences of my coaching programme is helping you to understand the cause of your discomfort. Knowing why you fall into negative self talk, why you behave in ways you dislike or are ashamed of, and why you take actions you feel powerless to stop. Life will always present challenges along its path; the difference being is that after the programme, you will be armed with that self knowledge - why you do what you do. Then you CAN make changes - Changes that will last beyond the coaching programme itself.

If you can’t remember when you became so sad, lost and unhappy – let me tell you that many of my clients felt the same until they worked with me. Over a series of sessions - sometimes just one or two - I've helped them take back control of their lives and discover the person they truly are. They transform into people filled with happiness, joy and have rediscovered their zest for life. They make decisions confidently, have boosted their self esteem and self worth, and have renewed levels of motivation and commitment to their life goals.

Coaching for Women

As caregivers, women become accustomed to putting others needs ahead of their own.

Over time, they can lose their drive and motivation, and forget the things that make them happy.

By working with me you will:-

  • restore your capacity for fun and enjoyment
  • feel more confident
  • lower your stress levels
  • improve your relationships

Rediscover the person you truly are, find happiness, joy and your zest for life.

Coaching for Children

Are you worried about your child?
Are they struggling with behaviour management, anxiety, anger, emotional outbursts or are they withdrawn?

Children of all ages are increasingly experiencing low mood, anxiety, bullying, unhappiness and frustration, losing the ability and desire to communicate and function in social situations.

I love to inspire children to want to improve their emotional health and well-being and to see that life can be what they make it and with the right support they can reach for the stars.

Parenting Coaching

Your parenting style is unique to you and your family, every child is different as is every parent. 

If you are a parent and are lacking in confidence, or would like to learn to communicate more easily,  I can support you as you find the right way to parent for you and your family.

By working with me you will learn to better understand each other, to manage your emotions and create a happy family environment where everyone feels respected, safe and supported.

Why is EmotionMind Dynamic Coaching Programme different to other programmes?

The aim of the EmotionMind Dynamic programme is to understand how you have come to your current emotional state, how you’ve learned to adapt and have found ways to manage your emotional and mental state. 

EmotionMind Dynamic is a combination of coaching, counselling, mentoring and teaching and facilitates transformational self development, to improve performance, working towards achieving a goal or set of goals and maximising your potential.

Setting Healthy Boundaries

One of my clients had been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. In the first week of us working together, we talked about saying no to people. She stood up, ‘right that's it’ she said, ‘I'm gonna say no!’ The following week, she came back for her next session. I...

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Self esteem, self talk and self compassion

Harmony from the inside out One of the principles I use in my coaching programme, EmotionMind Dynamic is named ‘Synergy’. For me, it's about an inside-out approach - two sides of your being working in harmony. The outside influences may be your relationships with...

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#Standforme – Campaign by Mind for Mental Health

The official global statistics prior to this situation was 1 in 4 people will struggle with their mental health at any one time. For some context in UK, that would mean roughly 17.5 million people struggling to function, struggling within their heads and existing...

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