My first workshop about implementing coaching and training in the workplace on behalf of the local college went really well.

In the short workshop, we talked about the difficulties of clear definitions of coaching and training, when coaching or training is the appropriate tool, how to coach for the coach and coachee and offering feedback.


Feedback in detail: –

What aspects did you find most valuable?

Multiple coaching methods offered
All good but learning about coaching interesting to me
Understanding the unconscious bias
Different coaching methods
Understanding the correct method of coaching
Difference between training & coaching
Learning the difference between coaching & training
The details provided during and after each exercise
Defining the difference between coaching and training
Giving feedback
All aspects
Information was detailed

Were there ways the course could have been improved?
No very good
Increased emphasis on individuals practically coaching
No delivered very well
Maybe some parts could be done in a practical setting
Longer more in depth
Less people in the room
More visual aids maybe

What did you learn that was new?
The emphasis on avoiding the habit of making assumptions
The difference between coaching and training
How to coach and train
More details to the basics I already knew
Coaching methods
Ways of learning and teaching
The difference between coaching and training
Effective ways to train and coach
The difference between the two

How can you apply what you have learnt to your practice?
How I approach teaching other people
Through coaching individually on the line
By coaching new employees
To train and coach effectively
I can approach each situation with greater base knowledge
Bring to the staff one to ones and developing training matrix
Coaching people more effectively
When training members of my team

Any specific comments:

Trainer was passionate and engaging