Are you ready for the week ahead?
Have you settled in to this new way of life?

Accountability can play a big part in supporting you to take control of your life no matter what the situation. This situation is new, uncertain and unpredictable, it feels like the decision making is in the hands of others. That may be true for how stringent lockdown is or who goes to work. But there are elements of your life you can still take control of.

Things you do have control over are what you do with your time, and how you manage your own health and behaviours. You can choose what information you take in. You can also decide what actions you can take for the current situation and what actions you can take if or when things change. You can control how you are with your family, along with other things.

Here are my 5 A’s of accountability:-

Attitude – what is your perception of the situation you are in and what control you have? Is your mindset working with you or against you? How do you want to think about the situation?

Assess – what is the past and present situation? How have you been managing the situation? What do you want in the future? What will he immediate or long term future look like if you continue doing what you are doing

Accept – accept the situation for what it is, while you work out what you can and can’t control in order to find focus
Action – Take the necessary actions to create the present and future you want.

Action – Take the necessary actions to create the present and future you want. What actions will get you the best outcome for you? Are your current actions being influenced by external factors

Adapt – Where necessary adapt to any changes in the situation, you may find there are positive adaptations to be made as things start to change for the better.