A note to the bully who uses intimidation, physical threats and verbal abuse thinking people will respect you. You are misguided. Your actions inspire fear.

No one likes fear, how can we like you?
No one respects fear, how can we respect you?
No one trusts fear, how can we trust you?
No one is friends with a bully they stay out of fear.

Loyalty in this kind of friendship is not what you think, friends become loyal to their fear not to you. For any person to bully is an act of cowardice, a shield of intimidation and threats behind which you hide so that people don’t see the real you.

Both the victim and the bully show their feeling of inadequacy in very different ways. And yet one similarity between a bully and their victim is low self esteem. The victim thinks they deserve being bullied, the bully believes bullying is the only way to be someone.

You can change. You can earn respect.
You can make friends and you can feel happy in who you are.
You have the power to be whoever you want to be and make a positive difference in other people’s lives, if you choose.