The Coaching Programme

The EmotionMind Dynamic coaching programme is for individuals ready to take control of their wellbeing to make lasting changes. A six session programme designed to facilitate holistic personal development, based on the motto ‘Self Knowledge is a Super Power®’.


EmotionMind Dynamic - a blended approach

The coaching programme I have developed is a combination of coaching, counselling, mentoring and teaching and facilitates transformational self development. Through six steps, it supports goal setting, motivation to work towards achieving a goal or set of goals, and maximising your potential. 

You will challenge your perceptions, increase your self awareness, boost your confidence and self esteem - all the while improving your mental health.  You’ll be developing Life skills too -  self reflection, self analysis, problem solving, evaluation. As you progress through the programme, you feel empowered to set goals for your future, and confidently take actions that lead to your new version of you.

Elements of the coaching programme is based on resources and help I received when I was in my deepest darkest depression.

What you can expect from the coach and the programme:

  • Honesty
  • Respect for your individual life experiences
  • Support
  • Personal development
  • Openness
  • Guidance
  • Confidentiality (should you access direct coaching)
  • Trusting relationship

Know yourself - Understand yourself - Help yourself

Understanding is an important part of accepting and learning so as to move forward with your life. The coaching programme incorporates personal development and follows a specific set of steps that will help you understand the cause of your emotions and thoughts, so you can make positive changes which impact your future. 

Begin your journey

During our lives, various hurdles have left us with leftover emotions. Our experiences may have triggered fear, anger, anxiety, disappointment. These collected emotions begin to fill up and overflow - I liken this to a vessel of emotions. We seek ways to relieve the pressure within this vessel - healthy and unhealthy patterns that either help or hinder our everyday living. 

The aim of the programme is to understand how you’ve learned to adapt and have found ways to manage emotional and mental state to get through your days. Coaching encourages honest reflection, you can begin to process and voice the emotions stuck in your 'emotional vessel'.

Your life may feel like a jigsaw puzzle where some of the pieces don’t fit, maybe they’ve never fit together. The pieces that don’t fit represent knowledge and skills you haven’t learned yet that will allow you to better decisions for you. You will be learning new knowledge and information to create the jigsaw and life that is right for you.

 A coaching programme for holisitic self development

The coaching model is founded on six principles that empower both adults and children to embrace self care, good health and integrate well being practice into their life. The coaching principles are a tool to help you adjust constantly to life’s challenges using creative and critical thinking for mindful living. The Coaching principles serve as a reminder that you are the most important person in your life and you deserve to invest time in looking after yourself. 

It is important to acknowledge it is NOT a diagnostic tool, nor a self punishment tool. It is a self empowerment tool and self development tool.

EmotionMind Dynamic is not a replacement for therapy, medical or clinical intervention. It was created from lived experience and the programme design and delivery is supported by the qualifications of the creator Hayley T Wheeler.

EmotionMind Dynamic

Self development is a journey where you can understand who you truly are, behind all the coping strategies holding you back from achieving your potential. EmotionMind Dynamic  in all formats follows specific steps to facilitate holisitic self development.

EmotionMind Dynamic is a mixed modality approach combining coaching, counselling skills, mentoring and teaching.  EmotionMind Dynamic was originally developed as for person-to-person* delivery. More recently, an online version of the programme has been created to allow you to study at your own pace. 

EmotionMind Dynamic has three options of coaching - offering person-to-person*, online or a blended option of both online and face to face. There are advantages and disadvantages for you to consider for person-to-person* , online and blended options before you begin your programme. 

*person-to-person can also be done using video conferencing e.g. SKYPE, Zoom, etc


Please consider fully and carefully whether EmotionMind Dynamic is the right option for you. Take into consideration how good your support network is, who you can contact if you are triggered and feel vulnerable, feel you are in crisis or need extra support. 

EmotionMind Dynamic is not a replacement for therapy, medical or clinical intervention. It was created from lived experience and the programme design and delivery is supported by the qualifications of the creator Hayley T Wheeler.  EmotionMind dynamic programme in all formats follows specific steps to facilitate holisitic self development.

You can access details of support organisations here or Hayley (creator of EmotionMind Dynamic) is accessible too hayley@hayleytwheeler.co.uk or UK +44 (0)7966189084.

EmotionMind Dynamic - Online £667

The online programme allows you access to resources at any time. Flexible and self-directed, you choose to work at your own pace. Its for you if you don't want 1-2-1 coaching sessions, although these can be booked if required at an additional fee.

Advantages of EmotionMind Dynamic online programme

Self directed – EmotionMind Dynamic online is self directed and offers the flexibility to complete the units at your own pace, to suit your lifestyle.  You have lifetime access to the online platform and can refer to the units as often as necessary.

Allows for greater flexibility for completing units at your convenience.

Lower cost – The cost of completing EmotionMind Dynamic online is substantially lower than person to person.

The online programme reduces the geographical and physical issues of accessing person to person. support.

You can do the programme from the comfort of your own home and not fear being seen accessing appointments.

Disadvantages of EmotionMind Dynamic online programme

There isn’t any immediate support or response in times of crisis, it’s good to prepare for the possibility of crisis or feeling vulnerable. You may feel unsupported during the process and need to reach out.

*it is important that you have a good support network, click the link for crisis / support numbers 

Self directed time can be open to ‘justifiable’ distractions and disrupts your progress. A lack of motivation

You may be unable to alter or challenge your own perception or understanding of the presented information.

Lack of technological knowledge can hinder a person’s ability to fully complete the programme.

A lack of motivation can disrupt or halt your progress. Can lead to a lack of face-to-face communication and add to the feelings of isolation.

EmotionMind Dynamic - Blended programme £960

Offering opportunities for coaching sessions at times that suit you. You will have access to the online programmes’ resources to support your self study, and benefit from scheduled in-person coaching sessions for motivation and accountability.

Advantages of EmotionMind Dynamic blended online and person to person

The blended approach offers you opportunities for support at times when it can get difficult.  You can set your own time scales and schedule for completing units. 

It is a flexible approach to suit your needs and you are in control of timescales and scheduling appointments.

You have someone to hold you accountable for your progress.

Disadvantages of EmotionMind Dynamic blended online and person to person

The blended approach requires more self directed learning, motivation and determination.

EmotionMind Dynamic - 1:1 coaching £1997

These are sessions that take place face to face with me to inspire accountability and motivation. They offer an opportunity for you to express emotions confidentially, in a private environment. These sessions are a time to work on you, and only you.

Advantages of EmotionMind Dynamic person to person

Person to person work inspires better accountability for the client and encourages motivation even when things get tough.  EmotionMind dynamic person to person delivery offers support via text or email in between sessions.

Each session within EmotionMInd dynamic person to person delivery are structured to facilitate and support your journey through the programme.

Communication during person to person sessions often allows exploration of any questions that might arise from the session

Person to person delivery provides a safe space for you to discuss you

Person to person work offers direct specialist knowledge and support, it will challenge your perception to increase your self awareness and self knowledge. 

No day to day distractions during appointments.

Disadvantages of EmotionMind Dynamic person to person

Cost is significantly higher for person to person coaching. Travel time to and from the appointments can cause some anxieties and add to the cost.

Appointments and availability of the coach may not fit into your own personal and professional schedule.

Person-to-person work is not a 'fix all' approach. You are required to put in the hard work to achieve your goals as you are with online, blended or group work.

EmotionMind Dynamic - group coaching £POA

Group sessions are for organisations or corporate environments. The key principles are shared through group sessions and workshops, and can be adapted to suit the wellbeing objectives of the organisations.

Advantages of EmotionMind Dynamic group work

Shared experience is very valuable in a group situation and mentoring can happen naturally (safeguards need to be considered). 

Disadvantages of EmotionMind Dynamic group work

Individuals can feel lost in the group 

Opportunity for personal reflection can be hindered by others

Clear boundaries for each individual need to be established.

Facts about EmotionMind dynamic

  • Self Knowledge is a super power™ bringing your emotions and mind into sync
  • Blame, guilt and shame can feel overpowering, doesn’t make the emotions and thoughts they trigger real.
  • You are the most important person in your life – look after yourself.
  • Self esteem is the foundation upon which you make decisions, create relationships and build your life.
  • Do what works for you until it doesn’t, then find the next thing that works for you.
  • If you’ve never been taught to talk about your emotions, you’re emotional vessel fills up


Simple tips for improving your EmotionMind dynamic

  • Practice self nurturing, Self compassion and self care regularly
  • Self Knowledge is a super power™  - Spend time getting to know you, your likes and dislikes
  • Empty your emotional vessel Communicate your emotions whether to a person, pet or in a journal – off your chest, off your mind
  • Be honest with yourself about your feelings and thoughts
  • Be accountable for yourself, your emotions, thoughts, self talk and behaviours

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