Dynamind Resources

Browse the list of resources available to support you on your self development journey.

Gratitude Diary

Everyone has good days and bad days, but if you are having more grey skies than blue, try this diary. Daily inspiration to regain focus, improve your well-being and start new positive behaviours.

Me and Them

This workbook can be used to evaluate any relationship in your life - work, home, family or friends. Learn to establish boundaries, and identify where you can make positive change.

Eating Diary

Shed light on the unhealthy behaviours and patterns that are contributing to your emotional eating, and learn how to manage triggers in a more positive way.

Beating Anxiety

This ten week program supports those who are looking to understand their anxiety. Learn techniques to cope with feelings of anxiety and develop your own coping strategies.

Dynamind Principles

Learn more about the key points of Dynamind thinking, and find out how to implement them into your daily life to tackle anxiety, self esteem and negativity.

Go Getters

Does fear tell you that you can't? This workbook helps to uncover your true calling in life, and encourages you to take steps towards achieving your goals.

Superhero Parents

Parenting doesn't come with a handbook, but if you want to discover ways that you can help build your children's confidence, self esteem and nurture their ambitions, this short course can help.

Positive changes

Swapping habits that hold you back for habits that push you forward. This course helps you to highlight the hurdles and supports your positive change.

Emotional First Aid

Me, My Self Esteem and I - Emotional First aid, life after domestic abuse is an easy read, self help book intended to empower women who have been affected by domestic abuse.

Self Help Coaching Cards

'Sense of Self' will inspire you to achieve all you want to achieve, uncover your true potential and transform your life into the life you want. An ongoing conscious journey of learning, accepting, developing and discovery

The Next Step cards

Discover how you fit into the world and how you work in relationships. Use the cards to help you find answers, challenge perceptions and learn more about creating the life you want.