Worry or Anxiety?

Everyone worries about something at some time. You may worry about work, family, failure or the pressure to do well,fitting in... Worry and anxiety are often seen as the same thing - but there are some obvious differences.



Worry can cause much of the same feelings and physical responses as anxiety. Worry can mess up the communication between your body and mind, only for a short time.

Your mind is not too overwhelmed with worry, you still have room to make decisions and the space to see the situation for what it is.

You may question the validity of your worry, and more often you can reach a solution or make good, rational decisions.


Anxiety is the heightened or intense fear about a real or perceived threat to your emotinal or physical safety. It is sometimes related to feeling that you are not equipped to deal with the situation.

Having anxiety means that you are have a 'glitch' in how your mind and body work together; this glitch disrupts the communication process between your body and mind. 


Anxiety is complex

It feel impossible to change or challenge it. Lots of people come to accept that anxiety is part of their everyday life, and they have to learn to live with it. But it doesn't have to be like that. 

Anxiety is a controlling force that needs you to stay in a comfort zone; keeping your body in a state of fight-or-flight. When you move away from the comfort zone, it pulls you back by making you feel afraid. It causes your body and mind to respond to a perceived threat.  Anxiety makes you believe the worst and makes your fears seem real.

Anxiety is a liar. 

Lots of people come to accept that anxiety is part of their everyday life, and they have to learn to live with it. Anxiety is really complex, and it feel impossible to change or challenge it. But it doesn't have to be like that, you have a choice. Anxiety has fooled you into thinking you can't; Coaching will make you realise you have many choices ahead of you. The exciting thing is - you get to choose what positive changes you make in your life. 

When Anxiety takes control

Worry or any negative emotions can make you think and act differently. Understanding yourself, your emotions and thoughts is the first step to taking control. By working on the unseen, you can re-write your story and make a positive impact on your future life. 

You can take action to change how you are feeling. You an choose to challenge those negative thought patterns, choose different behaviours and take different actions. By saying yes to coaching, you can make the impossible possible - you have the tools you need to be motivated, confident and empowered. 

Before coaching, many clients report they are experiencing low self esteem and self punishing thoughts. They feel emotions like fear, anger, disappointment and shame. Their life feels out of their control, and they are unhappy with life as it is.  But through using my coaching model, and completing my coaching programme, they take back their power.

Self Knowledge is a Superpower - when we learn why we feel and act the way we do, we understand what we as individuals need to do to make positive, long-lasting changes.    

Emotional Empowerment Coaching 

You learn more about how you work, how you think and how you react to life's challenges. With this new information about yourself, you can practice new ways which become healthy habits that support your health and wellbeing. My coaching approach uses tools which helps you regain control of your wellbeing. Its not a quick fix, but my clients believe it creates long-lasting effects. Its often the last attempt they use which turns their life around. 

Self development is a journey where you can understand who you truly are, behind all the coping strategies holding you back from achieving your potential. 

Armed with this new knowledge, you no longer have to hide in your shell. You have the ability to create the life you want and deserve - and will feel empowered to make choices that support these goals.   If your goal is to transform into a better, healthier you - coaching will help you achieve it by:-


  • Supporting your journey into a new way of living
  • Feeling empowered to make positive changes in your life and living environment
  • Regaining a sense of control over your emotions, behaviours and actions. 

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